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Feedburner Blog Stats

I've always been a big fan of feedburner. Feedburner to feed maximization service is what is to blog: free services with maximum freedom with creative, dynamic and ever developing technical utility. You need to login to feedburner often to know there's always something new outthere.

Now, it launchs a blog stats which I think similar to that of Google Analytics (formerly, Urchin). Only I presumed, it'd be better, easier and faster.

In it's announcement in feedburner's blog it says,

...our free StandardStats service now enables any of our publishers to track both feed and site audience, all from the comfort of your FeedBurner account.

On how to get started:

If you have already enabled FeedFlare for your site, good news: FeedBurner uses the same JavaScript for both FeedFlare and site stats tracking. All you need to do is go to the Analyze tab and check the "Track metrics for my site" checkbox on your StandardStats service (or TotalStats, our premium paid offering). Voila! You are now tracking site statistics and you should start seeing numbers coming into your site statistics dashboard in the next hour or so.

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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (66): Septian Budi Waluyan

If the future of a nation--bright or grim-- could be assessed from how its young generation behaves and acts, then Indonesia and concern Indonesian should take a contemplative mood for various reasons.

The costly educational fee of higher education caused by almost-zero government subsidy; the laid-back attitude of its young generation influenced much by pop-culture with its many not-so-good impacts are among things that we should care about.

So, in this kind of situation any sort of healthy attitude of few young generation that we know should be noticed and given a proper appreciation. Septian Budi Waluyan, a bachelor student in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore, is a good example.

His blog talks about everything, from daily notes to reflective kind of things. I am especially impressed that he likes reading books that not only confined to his field of study: a requirement to be a thoughtful and wise personality. In one of his post, for example, he writes:

...I found how people are so diversed each other and how different it is with my homeland where three main cultures are the symbol of this unique country as chinese is the majority. Interestingly, we cannot directly assume that Singapore is identic with chinese-like white dominates US-because there are so many Asians are here and there is a little or almost zero discrimination here, even there are four official languages,i.e. English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil.

Talking about that diversity, in many media, I read that many countries were impressed by the ability of Singapore to unite them. Here, during one semester, I really didn't find any form of offfence that the racial issue evolved. It seems from the President of Singapore is an Indian, the governmental structures which seems not to be so racist. It also seems how people here don't think much about the difference each others. For example is in waterloo, where there are many religious places are located in the near distance. isn't strange if Singapore is included the list of "1000 places too see before you die", a book by Patricia Schultz.

What I am trying to say here is about even though Singapore is famous with its multiculturalism, I am sure there are still a lot of prejudices, racist beliefs and segregation. I will give an example. My friend told me about this happening when he was in MRT. When a chinese Singaporean girl was in the middle of many old Indian boys and separated from her friends, she suddenly shouted and said," Hey, I am afraid here". Isn't it a form of prejudice and segregation or exactly a nonverbal racism? Yes, in Singapore there is no offence or anything which pertains the physical contact to others but mostly it is about nonverbal attitude toward other race or group. Well, I can say that we can't avoid the racism and prejudice in our mind. We have a tendecy to refuse something which doesn't suit with someone's ideal norm. So it isn't strange if in Singapore, people will tend to make a particular group with the same race like the analogy that the birds will tend to fly together with the same flur birds. Then the question is, is westernization the best way to make them really united?

There are some other good and thoughtful postings he wrote which surprises me that they're written by a 19-year-old boy. I wish him good luck with his study in NTU. And we hope that he keeps updating his blog with whatever he wants to write. He is one of those few Indonesian youngster who should be emulated by other Indonesian teenagers to gain success: hardworking, reading more and less laid-back life.

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Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2006

It's been almost two years eversince I introduced the Blogger Indonesia of the Week's feature during which I witness the fast-growing English-speaking blogs by Indonesian blogger, a prerequisite eligibility to be reviewed.

Interesting to note here that in early stage I started this feature, it's been so hard to find any good English-speaking Indonesian blog. So much so that I needed to blogwalk from blog to blog to find one or two links into another good blog.

One year after, however, I saw the turnaround: I've been facing difficulty, sometimes dilemma, to prioritize which good blogs I should review--and promote--first! In no way it suggests that other English-speaking Indonesian blog that has not been reviewed is not good. That's terribly wrong assumption. There are a lot more blogs and bloggers outthere that sometimes even got a better content than the ones I reviewed. If you're one of them, be rest assured that your blog has been in my list, or I might not yet know it. And for that, my apology.

In this year-end of 2006, I personally, as this blog does not represent anyone but myself, would like to acknowledge those Indonesian bloggers who have contributed, one way or another, to the fast growing Indonesia blogosphere. Every acknowledgement has its own limitation which may not satisfy everyone. This acknowledgement is not an exception. And for the sake of clarity, some criteria has been put in place as to why I pick them as my top ten blogger 2006.

1. Blogger or blog that was picked as Blogger Indonesia of the Week in the past. In another word, Indonesian-speaking blog--however good it might be-- will not be included.(I honestly hope that there might be a blogger who is willing to spare his/her time once a week to review Indonesian-speaking blog).

2. Blogger or blog that has sort of influence and contribution in his/its own way in promoting and hence contributing to the growth of Indonesian blogosphere.

3. Blogger i.e. personality behind the blog, who shows a sort of leadership attitude on and off the blog; those who unite Indonesian bloggers into one force instead of dividing them, who are able to see the bigger picture instead of the nitty-gritty thingy and end up with messing up everything. "On the blog" means his or her blogging activities influences other people to do the same and/or enlightening Indonesian or non-Indonesian to understand more about Indonesia: culture, faith, tradition, etc. "Off the blog" stands for similar meaning, only it connotes to outside blogging activities. One more thing, the number is not necessarily in particular order.

Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2006

1. Jennie S. Bev: The Most Prolific Indonesian Writer.

She's the pride of Indonesian, including me. If Indonesian, any Indonesian, were to succeed in achieving what they want to achieve, watch her footstep. Fortunately she's eagerly willing to share all her experience and her way to climb the ladder of success either as a prolific writer or as a reformed personality in her blog and book.

2. Budi Putra: The Indonesian Journalist

The first Indonesian journalist who has strong determination to utilise his position in the conventional media Tempo Magazine and Tempo Newspaper to introduce and promote blog and blogging culture. Majalah TEMPO, the most prominent and influential Indonesian magazine, is the first magazine that made an extensive report on blog and Indonesian blogosphere and blogging culture.

3. R.M.: Founder

If I were to pick who is the kindest, humblest and most honest person I ever know "personally" during my blogging activity, he's obviously my first choice. His contribution to Indonesian blogosphere is felt by every blogger, new and old. His blog aggregator, the first of its kind, enable the newest blogger to have traffic flow to his/her blog. Just in case you read this, R.M., please remember that should never die. I'd be the first person to extend the helping hand just in case it's needed.

4. Ronny Haryanto: Planet Terasi (Blog Aggregator) Founder, a blog aggregator Ronny founded and maintain is the oldest. Previously it's for aggregating IT-related blog, but now it's also selecting non-IT related blogs, including mine. Any first iniative should be remembered and appreciated.

5. Agusti Anwar: The Indonesian Diplomat-Blogger

Indonesian diplomat who blog is not many. Agusti Anwar is one of them. He's not only updating his two blogs relatively regularly, but is also engaging actively in Indonesia blogosphere community. I think, he might consider to urge other diplomat to blog as well.

6. Enda Nasution: The father-figure of Indonesian blogger

He's the most deservedly Indonesian blogger to be called as Bapak Blogger Indonesia (the Father of Indonesian blogger). Simply because he's played like one in helping new blogger by giving blog- or post-link, sometimes comment, to newbie blogger; taking time to visit them, etc. A kind of brotherly attitude that not many of us is capable of doing.

7. Yosef Ardi: The Indonesian Journalist most active blogger.

He should be on the first list of top ten blogger in Majalah TEMPO. And should be on the top list of such feature in any other Indonesia conventional media in the future. He makes a lot of effort to write a very good and informative content in his blog and should be highly appreciated accordingly.

8. Juwono Sudarsono The first Indonesian Minister Blogger

His sheer presence in Indonesian blogosphere opens a new vista among the elite circles of Indonesian bureaucracy to do the same or at least looking at the blogging culture in different mindset. If the Defense Minister, one of the most powerful and sensitive portfolio if not the most, is writing passionately in his blog, why others should not?

9. Isnaini: The most prolific blogger-template designer

Prolific and is highly appreciated by blogger / blogspot community beyond Indonesia for his elegant and creative design. Indonesian should be thankful for his relentless and tireless effort.

10. Maverick Indonesia: The first corporate blog

My friend, Ong Hock Chuan, is the founder of the blog, calls it the Corporate Blog. It's written collaboratively by all guys in Maverick, a media and PR consultant. I wonder how Ong still has time to blog in between his must-be hectic activities. A good example for any other Indonesian entrepreneurs to learn to get rid of the "I am very busy" culture.

To every blogger in Indonesia and around the world, Happy New Year 2007, wishing you all a better blogging in years to come! Dan selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha bagi umat Islam di Tanah Air dan di manapun berada.

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Internet Outage and Flood in Aceh

There is nothing worse for Indonesian bloggers in particular around the new year eve but to see the sudden temporary “demise” of internet connection.

The cause as reported by Budi Putra, Sani Asy’ari and Enda Nasution is “the strong quake off Taiwan’s coast on December 26 damaged submarine cables and severely disrupted telecom links in the East, Southeast and South Asia.”

That makes almost 90 percent of Indonesia’s internet connection disfunctional or very slow. According to Yulian Firdaus, quoting from a portal media, the recovery could take “as long as as one month” during which Indonesian online activities will witness the lowest traffic ever. Certainly one month, if it’s true, a way too much for an internet addicts like Enda Nasution who wonders whether this is "what end of days feel like."

Some Indonesian bloggers who are fortunate enough to still have internet connection like Willy Sudiarto Raharjo, still complains over how slow the connection is. Not to say how low the traffic to his blog could be.

Flood in Aceh

Exactly two years after the Tsunami, one of the biggest natural disaster ever happened, Aceh again has to face another natural calamity. Although it’s not as big as Tsunami, the loss and severe it afflicts to the Acehnese is unbearable.

70,000 people has been evacuated or are fleeing home taking refuge in neighboring area. About 60 people dead.

So much to “celebrate” a New Year 2007 for Indonesian in general and Indonesian bloggers in particular.

Originally posted in Global Voices Online

PS: Comments are welcome in any of the following languages: English, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Jawa & Madura.
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Tukar Link

Blog semua bisnis paling senang yang namanya tukar Link

Blog Tutorial

Blogger Indonesia

Deddy Oktaviandy

Bisnis Internet

Tips google adsense

Tips Google Adsense

Tips pertama :

Format Ads

Pilih format yang sesuai . Anda boleh pilih banner , skysrappers , squares , link dan sebagainya . Anda boleh meletakkan adsense lebih dari 3 iklan dalm 1 page/halaman tetapi saran saya jangan terlalu banyak karena jika tidak ada yang klik juga percuma , yakan ?

Tips kedua :

Pastikan ads tidak seperti kelihatan ads

Maksud saya orang mencari informasi di internet bukan untuk mengklik iklan ads . Jadi kesimpulannya biarkan bentuk ads secara by : default . Contohnnya liat saja blog semua bisnis saya ini .

Tips ketiga :

Gunakan task ads dan search for content

Rata – rata orang mengunakan kedua ini mereka sangat jarang menggunakan banner . Lihat saja anda sendiri anda pasti jarangkan mengklik banner , ebnar gak hehe ….

Tips keempat :

Cara menaruh ads

Cara menaruh ads itu sangat penting didalam blog anda , jangan menaruh ads yang tidak terlihat orang , karena nantinya anda sendiri yang akan rugi .

Tips kelima :

Jangan pakai border

Seperti tips no.2 biarkan ads secara default .

Tips keenam :

Warna task

Pastikan warna task ads anda sama seperti warna tulisan blog anda .

Tips ketujuh :

Kurangi ads

Jangan terlalu banyak menaruh ads diblog anda karena kalau anda menaruh terlalu banyak juga percuma karena nilai iklan ads yang keluar ada yang bernilai rendah .

Tips kedelapan :

Anda boleh selang selingkan ads seperti blog saya .

Tips kesembilan :

Sertakan google search box

Strategi ini adalah misalnya ada orang yang mencari informasi diblog anda dan mereka masih belum puas dengan informasinya sedangkan informasi yang mereka cari tidak ada diblog anda , Pertannyaan saya apa yang akan mereka lakukan ? Pasti mereka menggunakan google search untuk mengetahui lebih dalam . Saya beri contoh : “ Can’t Find what you’re looking for ? Try google search . Atau masih belum puas mencari informasi silah kan gunakan google search ? Dorong orang agar mengunakan google search itu ?

Tips kesepuluh :

Jangan menggunakan keyword spam .

Misalnya anda mencari informasi di search engine tentang buku . kemudian ada link mengenai buku , begitu anda buka link tersebut tau – tau link tersebut tentang film ? Kesal tidak anda , pasti anda kesal saya saja kesal karena orang merasa dibohongi ?

Tips kesebelas :

keyword anda

Pastikan keyword anda bernilai tinggi atau biasa disebut High Paying keyword , untuk lebih jelasnya cari informasi di google dan pelajari sedikit demi sedikit .

Tips keduabelas :

Gunakan channel

Untuk yang 1 ini kalau anda di terima google team ada harus log in dulu di google adsense .

Tips ketigabelas :


Bagian ini sangatlah penting , darimana orang melihat blog anda kalau bukan promosi , betul gak hehehe…. Saran saya promosi di forum , komunitas blog dunia , dan tukar link sesama pemain google ads atau para blogger mania dll .

Tips telakhir :


Belajar – belajar dan belajar itu yang paling penting . Kalau anda tidak mau belajar dari kesalahan anda akan menjadi orang yang rugi boleh dikatan sudah pelit earning bisannya Cuma ngeritik orang . Kesihan dech lo….

Sukses ya

Anda pasti bisa .

By : Semua Bisnis

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Mungkin anda bertanya berapa sih penghasilan yang kita peroleh dari bisnis tersebut , saya dengan penuh keyakinan akan menjawab minimal $100 max tak terbatas kalau tau caranya hehehe… . Lumayan bukan kerja Cuma di depan computer . Seperti foto saya di bawah ini . dan bisa memperoleh $$$ kalau anda mau menjalaninya .